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Established in the year 2024, Readied for Business is a pioneering startup incubator institution headquartered in the vibrant city of Nairobi Kenya. Officially registered as Readied for Business Startup Incubator, our mission is to catalyze the growth of budding businesses, commonly “start-ups”, across various business sectors in Kenya and the rest of Africa as well. We achieve this by providing comprehensive training seminars, capacity building, and facilitating connections with potential financiers (investors and financial institutions) for the purposes of business start-up financing

Our Story

My journey into training and mentorship was inspired by my extensive experience in the financial services sector, specifically in Banking. Over the course of 15 years, I've had the privilege of working in various roles within the Credit department; Credit Analysis, Credit Risk, Credit Administration, both in supervisory and also in Management. Throughout my career, I've observed a significant decline in loan applications for start-ups. Financial institutions often deem start-ups as “High-Risk” ventures due to their owner’s perceived lack of experience or proof of viability. This led to a 100% decline in all loan applications from the founders. Notice, majority of financial institutions Core function is lending and their Credit policies clearly prohibit lending to start-ups. Their Nature of financing, which is mostly Debt financing, considers indicative turnovers as imperative in qualifying a client for funding (Debt) during the Credit underwriting process. In essence, financial institutions do not finance “ideas”.

This observation sparked a deep concern within me. I realized that there was a gap in the market that needed to be addressed, at the earliest. Indeed majority of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) lack the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage their businesses and attract potential financiers. This was a problem I felt compelled to solve, and thus, the idea for “Readied for Business start-up incubator” was born.

At Readied for Business, we are more than just a start-up incubator. We are a platform that equips SMEs and MSMEs with the requisite skills to navigate the business world confidently. We provide them with the tools they need to understand their businesses better, manage them effectively, and present them attractively to potential financiers. Our goal is to bridge the gap between these businesses and potential financiers, reducing the perceived risk and increasing their chances of securing the necessary funding.

As a Business we are uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients. We understand the challenges that SMEs and MSMEs face, and we are committed to helping them overcome these hurdles. We believe that with the right training and support, these businesses can thrive and contribute significantly to Kenya's economy and Africa as a whole.

Starting Readied for Business has been an exciting and fulfilling journey. It's a venture that combines my passion for finance with my desire to make a positive impact on the business landscape in Kenya. I am thrilled to be at the forefront of this initiative, and I look forward to seeing the transformation that our services will bring to start-up SMEs and MSMEs in the country and the entire continent of Africa.

See you at the top

Best Wishes

Samuel Hare Kitsao
Founder and First Director
Readied for Business Startup Incubator


We offer more than just finance and business literacy. Our incubator provides comprehensive support, which includes training, mentorship, and financial consultation, promoting your start up to investors and other financiers, and also networking opportunities.

Our programs are designed to empower entrepreneurs with the skills and tools they need to succeed, fostering a culture of self-reliance, resilience in business, scalability and sustainability.

We also support your new business start-up in ensuring that you are duly compliant in respect to the registration requirements of your business.

Core Values

Innovation and Creativity

Integrity and Transparency

Collaboration and Community

Our Services

At Readied for Business, we believe that every innovative idea deserves the chance to shine. Nestled in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya, we're more than just an incubator; we're your partners in the exhilarating journey of entrepreneurship. Whether you're sketching out ideas on a napkin or gearing up for your next growth phase, our tailored support ecosystem is designed to turn your startup dreams into market realities.

Expert Guidance

At Readied for Business, you will benefit from personalized mentorship and guidance from industry experts who are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Access to Funding

You are likely to gain access to a network of potential financiers, partners or investors who are eager to invest in promising startups like yours.

Comprehensive Resources

At Readied for Business, you will take advantage of our training programs, workshops, and networking events to expand your knowledge, scale your new business and grow your network.

Community Engagement

At Readied for Business, you will connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators, building lasting relationships and fostering collaboration.

Disbursement Management

At Readied for Business, our partners interest is not an afterthought, but a key deliverable to ensuring that their interests are well covered and taken care off. As such, we would; Call and/or Visit the new business establishment and formally report back to the partner, Financier or investor of how their resources have been utilized to avoid any form of diversion that would lead to broken trust. Readied for business has also put in place bridging mechanisms that offer an option of escrowing the said resources for the convenience of the new partner, Financier or investor.

Post-Fellowship Support

We ensure that we follow up with you after you have completed the incubation program. This can include calls, emails and even visits to your new establishment to appreciate how you have progressed thus far. The same is also necessary and in some cases a mandatory requirement to the financiers as a post disbursement reporting requirement.

Call to Action

Take the first step towards realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Whether you're an aspiring founder with a groundbreaking idea or an early-stage startup looking to scale, don’t let your startup's potential go untapped. Seize this opportunity to accelerate your growth and achieve your business goals. Apply now to join Readied for Business and take the first step towards building a successful startup. Readied for Business is here to support you every step of the way. APPLY HERE .

The Team

Recognizing the critical importance of assembling a strategic team, Readied for Business start-up Incubator values the expertise and qualifications necessary to excel in key roles. This team plays a pivotal role in establishing dynamic relationships with prospective businesses, mentors, and financiers, thereby enhancing our ability to facilitate successful connections. Acting as strategic advisors, the team provide invaluable support for growth initiatives and aid in navigating the complexities of strategic decision-making. In today's rapidly evolving economic landscape, the demand for skilled mentors who offer both technical expertise and strategic insights is on the rise. We understand the significance of having such a team to ensure the success and sustainability of our incubator and the ventures it supports.

Samuel Hare

Founder & First Director

Museveni Nyaoke

Lead Training and Development

Loise Anzazi

Lead Partnerships Grants & Equity

Joan Mwawaza

Lead Customer Experience

“By the yard it's hard, but inch by inch, anything's a cinch….”.

Brian Tracy


“Indecision is a thief of time. Procrastination is its chief accomplice”.



"Time is a finite resource that if well utilized can help generate infinite returns".

Robert Kiyosaki

American businessman and author.

Help & FAQ

Readied for Business has addressed some but a few of a myriad of concerns from our esteemed customers as below.

At Readied for Business Start-up Incubator, we invite all individuals who have a budding and viable business idea to register with us and attend our training programs that would help them get ready for the world of business.

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Our Pricing

It's not a common practice for reputable startup incubators, like READIED FOR BUSINESS, to charge startups for the application process. Charging startups could discourage potential applicants and go against the spirit of supporting early-stage businesses. Incubators typically seek to nurture and accelerate startups without imposing financial barriers during the application phase. However, we do consider a paltry nominal fee, payable on a monthly basis for the program duration of three (3) months, for the purposes of administration and also to gauge the seriousness of the applicants who intend to join our program, as below.


KES 4999 / mon

  • Training
  • Mock Pitch
  • Mentoriship
  • Business Plan
  • Business Networking
  • Post Disbursement follow-up
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KES 7500 / mon

  • Training and Mentorship
  • Legal Compliance Support
  • Post disbursement reviews
  • Networking events
  • Post fellowship support and Market linkages
  • Private Forums
  • Market Linkages and referrals
Start Application


KES 9999 / mon

  • Training and Mentoriship
  • Expert Guidance
  • Business Networks and Networking events
  • Introduction to Investors and Financiers
  • Market Linkages and referrals
  • Private Forums
  • Post fellowship support
  • Legal compliance and support
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Happy Clients


Completed Start-up Projects


Sealed Partnerships



Why Choose Us?

Apart from having a vibrant and versatile team that is passionate about seeing the success of your Business startup, we are passionate about offering Holistic Support: We offer more than just finance and business literacy. Our incubator provides quality service and comprehensive support, training, mentorship, and financial analysis consultation, promoting your start up to investors and other financiers, networking opportunities and prompt email responses.

(Prompt) Email reponses

At Readied for Business, customer delight is not an afterthought but rather one of the cores in our operations and services. Our customer experience wing is quick to respond to any of your queries in respect to READIED FOR BUSINESS and other related matters.

Analysis & Consulting

The leadership at Readied for Business takes Quality Services and prompt Support as very key elements to its relevance in running the incubator. Quality services and support is not an afterthought and remains a very important and key element in gauging our Incubators success.

Quality Service & Support

The leadership at Readied for Business takes Quality Services and prompt Support as very key elements to its relevance in running the incubator. Quality services and support is not an afterthought and remains a very important and key element in gauging our Incubators success.

Mentor or Partner

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Reach out to us anytime you feel comfortable. We are ready to listen and help you identify your footing in your new business venture.

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